Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Already?!

Kyle went to his first Baja Race. It was The Baja 500. The race was a loop race, that started and ended in Ensanada. Not too sure if Kyle enjoyed the outdoor restrooms, but he still LOVED the idea of eating tacos all weekend!All until he came home with a parasite that lasted over two weeks. Poor kyle.
Kristi did another cake. This time it was for a graduation. Kristi decided since the guy played the piano she would do a Grand Piano shaped cake enough to feed 70 people. This one was difficult. But in the end, Kristi managed.
June 14th was our two year anniversary.We went to a movie that night. Kristi tried to surprise Kyle with dinner at Olives. Kyle wasn't fooled, he knew. Dinner was delicious. The first item sent out was a Lobster Corn Flan, compliments of the Chef Jaime Mendoza. Kyle and Kristi both enjoyed the flan, even though Kristi isn't big on seafood. Next they received two types of pasta, Black Olive Gnocci and Veal with pasta and sauce. Also compliments of the Chef. Kyle and Kristi received another dish compliments of the Chef, Truffled Beef tartar and Tuna tartar. Kyle devoured the Tuna. Kristi sampled a bite of each(raw....sick) but the flavors were delicious. A fourth dish was sent out by the Chef, Mushroom Flat bread(pizza) and Prociutto Fig Flat bread(pizza). Both were really good and to Kristi's surprise she really liked the Prociutto and fig flat bread. Finally we received our meals and a visit From Chef Jaime Mendoza. The Sirloin was to DIE FOR! So GOOD! Just when we thought we were done the Chef also sent out a delicious dessert platter with 3 different sorbets, a Lemon Tartlet, and a Chocolate pudding Triffle. Oh my gosh we were stuffed!!! Thank you Chef Jaime Mendoza!!! We tried to keep the night simple and enjoyable.
Kristi Found out that her boss is leaving in August. She is sad to see him go. He is the one of best bosses she will ever have. For nearly a year, Kristi and a coworker have been planning to make a cake for their boss for Canada Day since he is Canadian. Now Canada day is July1st. Kristi made a canadian flag shaped cake. This cake was even more special because of the kind of cake. It was a Maple Walnut cake. All the more fitting for a flag with a maple leaf. Chef Jason Harrison loved it!
Kyle's birthday is coming up on July 10th. He will be 25!!! Kristi is looking forward to his big surprise birthday present!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its been too long

Sorry its been so long since any postings.In November Kyle and Kristi hosted Thanksgiving dinner and the the McNeil family came to town(except Justin and Kristi).Kyle has been very busy with school and studying. Kristi got a second job in December, doing pastries at Eva Longoria Parkers restaurant, Beso. It was rough. Working 5 am to 1pm at Bellagio and then working 4 pm to 12am at Beso... no sleep, times 5 days a week. After a few months, Kristi slowed down to part time at Beso.
In January, Kristi did a wedding cake for Briana Desigano.

In February, Kyle and Kristi got another dog and named her Mailey. Mailey is a 1yr old Yellow Lab. And guess what.... Mailey went into heat the day she was brought home.... YAY....(not really).
Kyle and Kristi managed to go snow boarding in March. It had been way too long since the last trip and they were out of shape and sore. But they had fun.
Kyle translated for General Conference in April. Kyle really enjoys it.
Now, last night, Kristi made a cake for Bishop Palacios. It was his birthday. This cake might be the best yet. It was a tootsie roll cake. Kristi had so much fun creating this cake and hopes to make more like it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kristi's First Baby Shower Cake

Well this cake was a small struggle for Kristi. Very time consuming but BEAUTIFUL. Kristi cried this morning when she came to find out that the back part of the small cake fell off! She was in a panic. Quick thinking and lots of icing saved the day. Kristi is very proud of her work, considering she was never taught to work with fondant. Hopefully She can take a class to get some better techniques.
Kristi just loves the bows and ballerina slippers!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Car! And a fantastic week in SD!

Well Kyle and Kristi have wanted to buy a new car that gets better gas mileage so that they can visit family more. It finally happened!!! Kyle sold his XTerra and nearly a week later, drove home in a '09 Ford Focus SEL. It has bluetooth built in and the microsoft sync. Kyle and Kristi absolutely love it! :) It was purchased on Tuesday June 23rd. By Friday morning it had its first dent and scratch! A lovely neighbor at the end of the street came home intoxicated and drove through the front yard, broke two pots and sent debris flying everywhere. A piece of the pot flew up and hit the car. The guy drove out of the yard in time to miss hitting the car. Thank goodness!The funny part is, he had no clue he had done anything wrong until the cop knocked on his door that morning. Not to worry his insurance is taking care of it all.

Saturday the 27th Kyle and Kristi flew out to San Diego for a week. Everyone was there. :) Monday Kyle, Kristi, Justin and Kristi all went L.A. to get on the Price is Right show. It was a blast. Too bad no one made it on stage. Tuesday we went to the Del Mar Fair, Wednesday night we had TJ Tacos(yum!), Thursday The Leedoms Flew in and we went to the beach. Friday the Leedoms and the Wongs went to Knotts Soak City then to eat TJ Tacos! On the Saturdayt the 4th, we went to Sea World to enjoy the shows and watch the fireworks. It was way fun. The trip was over too fast:( , but it was fun!

Finally Kyle and Kristi bought a doggy door for Zoie. She is still scared of it a little, but she is getting the hang of it. Today we bought her a kiddy pool. She likes it! but now we have to block the doggy door if she is wet...lol. Zoie weighs over 30 pounds and is over 4 feet long when she stretches out. She is so BIG!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Butter. LOL!

Alright!!! So just before mothers day Kyle and Kristi decided to use a little of their rebate/loan to buy new couches and a t.v. for the house. They went to RC Willey, picked out a sectional and got hooked up on a 65" flat screen t.v. It is a regular projection t.v. but is still pretty sweet!!! Here are some pictures of the new additions to the home.

Well last night while sitting on the new sectional, watching t.v., Zoie decides that she is still hungry. So Zoie jumps up, with her front paws hanging on the counter, and begins licking the butter plate we left on the counter after dinner. Kristi just couldn't help but laugh while Kyle said it wasn't funny. Here is the stick of butter last night. Ha ha. It was a new stick of butter!

Well today, after Kyle and Kristi ran some earrands they came home to let Zoie out. About 15 minutes later they realize that Zoie has once again reached for the butter! Now Kristi is busting up laughing again, while Kyle isn't. this time there isn't much butter left. Ha ha! Oh well!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its been a while...

Well not too much has happened since the last blog.( ok... yeah right) Kyle and Kristi bought a Taurus 9mm for protection at the beginning of April.

Kyle interpreted for General Conference. He took Kristi and his two sisters Lani and Lori. It was fun seeing and meeting all of Kyle's mission buddies. Kyle had a great time interpreting and serving the Lord.

The month of April was pretty busy. The second weekend in April, Kyle's mission buddy E. Linsley came to visit with his girlfriend Jalene. Matt and Valerie also came with six of their friends and did the tourist thing. The same weekend we also enjoyed having Tara, Rolando, and the kids over for Easter dinner. Then Next weekend Kristi's friend Roxana was married. Both Kyle and Kristi were part of the bridal party. Mom and Mark came to spend the weekend and to attend the wedding. The fourth weekend of April Some more of Kyle's mission buddies came with their wives, E. brown and E. Julian.

Kyle has finished his intermediate internship with Medic West. School is going pretty well for
Kyle and can hardly wait until tomorrow ends. Finals TOMORROW.

Zoie is growing so big!!! She is learning her tricks and is pretty well potty trained. We are hoping to teach her to ring a bell for us to open the door... its been about 4 days and no luck yet. Ha ha.

Kristi has had a lot of things to do outside of work. In
March, the Relief Society President asked Kristi to make a big birthday cake for the R.S. Birthday dinner. It turned out great!
Just this past weekend the R.S. President asked Kristi to make a birthday cake For Bishop Palacios. She said That he loves chocolate. Kristi had a lot of fun
with it!

Oh yeah Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kyle's first code...

So Kyle worked the NASCAR races this weekend and yesterday he had his very first code! A code is basically when a person is pretty much dead...This guy was out! He was laid out on the curb and not breathing. They had people all over this guy trying to start IV's, breathing for him, starting to put a tube down his throat, and Kyle was doing chest compressions! This was his first time doing real life chest compressions!! It was pretty awesome! So finally they got this guy in the back of the ambulance and start on their way to the hospital. All the sudden, they realize he starts getting some color back and his jaw locks up on Kyle! Next thing they know, he freaking wakes up and starts yelling at them! By the time they got to the hospital, he knew everything that was going on, and was talking to them! It was pretty funny because when he asked them what was going on, they told him that they pretty much brought him back to life, he said "Thanks, you did a good job!" haha It was pretty cool! He was a really nice guy, and really lucky that he made it! The other paramedics that Kyle was with said that they had only seen that happen a couple of times between the three of them! It was so crazy to see that happen on Kyle's very first code patient!