Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Already?!

Kyle went to his first Baja Race. It was The Baja 500. The race was a loop race, that started and ended in Ensanada. Not too sure if Kyle enjoyed the outdoor restrooms, but he still LOVED the idea of eating tacos all weekend!All until he came home with a parasite that lasted over two weeks. Poor kyle.
Kristi did another cake. This time it was for a graduation. Kristi decided since the guy played the piano she would do a Grand Piano shaped cake enough to feed 70 people. This one was difficult. But in the end, Kristi managed.
June 14th was our two year anniversary.We went to a movie that night. Kristi tried to surprise Kyle with dinner at Olives. Kyle wasn't fooled, he knew. Dinner was delicious. The first item sent out was a Lobster Corn Flan, compliments of the Chef Jaime Mendoza. Kyle and Kristi both enjoyed the flan, even though Kristi isn't big on seafood. Next they received two types of pasta, Black Olive Gnocci and Veal with pasta and sauce. Also compliments of the Chef. Kyle and Kristi received another dish compliments of the Chef, Truffled Beef tartar and Tuna tartar. Kyle devoured the Tuna. Kristi sampled a bite of each(raw....sick) but the flavors were delicious. A fourth dish was sent out by the Chef, Mushroom Flat bread(pizza) and Prociutto Fig Flat bread(pizza). Both were really good and to Kristi's surprise she really liked the Prociutto and fig flat bread. Finally we received our meals and a visit From Chef Jaime Mendoza. The Sirloin was to DIE FOR! So GOOD! Just when we thought we were done the Chef also sent out a delicious dessert platter with 3 different sorbets, a Lemon Tartlet, and a Chocolate pudding Triffle. Oh my gosh we were stuffed!!! Thank you Chef Jaime Mendoza!!! We tried to keep the night simple and enjoyable.
Kristi Found out that her boss is leaving in August. She is sad to see him go. He is the one of best bosses she will ever have. For nearly a year, Kristi and a coworker have been planning to make a cake for their boss for Canada Day since he is Canadian. Now Canada day is July1st. Kristi made a canadian flag shaped cake. This cake was even more special because of the kind of cake. It was a Maple Walnut cake. All the more fitting for a flag with a maple leaf. Chef Jason Harrison loved it!
Kyle's birthday is coming up on July 10th. He will be 25!!! Kristi is looking forward to his big surprise birthday present!!!


  1. Kristi, do you personally know the chef, Jaime Mendoza? Is that why you guys had a huge meal with many dishes? It sure sounded great! Happy Anniversary you two!!!

  2. What amazing Cakes. You are so talented. Love ya

  3. Great Job Kristi on cakes and can't wait to see Kyle's present. Happy Birthday Kyle!!!